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Rock painting ideas, and step-by-step guide

Painting rocks is just another creative way you can express yourself through art. If you’re an amateur painter, large canvases could be an intimidating place to begin, which is why rock painting can be a good beginning for you.

In this blog, we’ll give you a complete lowdown of how to paint rocks so you can paint rocks like a pro!


  1. Why is rock painting perfect for new artists?
  2. Where to find rock painting ideas?
  3. Rock painting: A step-by-step guide.
  4. Ways to use your painted rocks.

Why is rock painting perfect for new artists?

It not only gives new artists the confidence they need as they begin their journey in art; it also helps them navigate their creativity without feeling lost in all the available, empty space. Plus, it’s not an expensive hobby to maintain at all!

How to paint rocks: A step-by-step guide:

Because it doesn’t require a lot of materials, rock painting is an easy hobby to pick up and maintain.

The first step is to find some rocks you can paint on. Besides painting rocks together, even the experience of hunting and gathering rocks as a family can be a fun activity. You can look for smooth, flat rocks, or be creative and create something unique with a misshaped rock. Besides your backyard, you can hunt for stones on beaches and public places. You can even buy stones from your local garden centers or rock yards.

The second step is the prep stage, where you wash your gathered rocks with soapy water to remove any dirt. After letting the rocks dry in the sun for a bit, you’re ready to start rock painting. We recommend you begin by applying a base coat on the rocks. Use black paint as this will make your design stand out. But keep in mind, you can paint rocks any way your heart desires. You can use a solid color or blend a few colors to create cool effects and remember there are many tools for rock paintings.

Leave the painted rocks for drying and begin planning your designs and gather your rock painting tools.

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Get ready to have some fun in the third step, and witness your vision come to life through painted rocks! Believe in yourself. Try out a free-hand design or trace an image on top of your rocks. These are your rocks, after all, it’s your design, and it could be whatever you want. So, be free to use your artistic expression.

The final step for painting rocks is making sure that your precious pièce de résistance is protected. Once your painted rocks are dry, take them outside and spray them using an aerosol spray sealer or any other sealant of your choice. Sealing the rocks will lock the moisture in and protect your piece of art from being damaged or even fading over time.

Expressing yourself through your art has never been easier with rock painting. It’s an ancient way to express creativity and is perfect for new artists because a big empty canvas can sometimes be intimidating.  

Where to find rock painting ideas?

Pinterest is a great place to get some inspiration for painted rock ideas. You can also check out other rock painting artists on Instagram, using the relevant hashtags, and get your creative juices flowing.

At Daladots Art Supply, we have the perfect Dotting tool kit for beginners, which comes with a variety of double-sided dotting tools that boast ergonomic handles made out of durable materials. These tools help you create crisp, perfect dots and strokes on the very first try, regardless of the amount of paint or pressure you apply.

Ways to use painted rocks

You can use these colorful rocks as paperweights, garden decorations, gifts to someone special You can even create your very own rock garden over time.

At, our goal is to help you enjoy the experience of making art. We believe art is therapeutic, beautiful, and powerful, and by joining us, you can also become a part of a world movement that promotes relaxation through creative expression.

In conclusion, painting rocks is a great way for new artists to get started because it's a small and manageable project. In this blog, we've outlined everything you need to know on how to paint rocks like a pro! Once you've got the basics down, share your painted rocks with us by tagging us in photos on Instagram using #daladots. We can't wait to see what beautiful creations you come up with.

Tell me about you. When was the last time you created an art piece? What kind of art did you make? Share in the comments below if you believe art is therapeutic and why is that?

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